Our Commitment to you

You rock one (or many) of piercing jewelry somewhere on your body. We’d be correct to be guessing that’s why you are here!

At BM25.com, we understand the importance of the quality of the body jewelry purchased on our site as the lower quality body jewelries can cause devastating effects on some of us. While there are mischiefs that cannot be avoided, due to many types of allergic reactions, we'd like to prevent it as much as possible.

We’ve now tested all of our base materials used on our body piercing jewelry and are proud to say that all of our piercing jewelry meet or exceed the standard of the body piercing jewelry for your peace of mind when you shop with us. Not only that, we’ve taken the extra step to up the quality of jewelry to ensure the quality of the polishing and the finish as well as the vibrant colors to be brought out in all plated jewelries.

So, Go ahead. Take a look at our recent lab reports and be confident about your purchase with us.

Thank you for being part of our community. Your support is greatly appreciated as always!


Base Material Certificates

Below are the list of certificates acquired for all the base materials used in our body piercing jewelries, minus the organic (wood, stone, etc) which does not need to be tested for the Cd & Pb content. The testing has been conducted by Intertek, one of the highly acclaimed laboratories worldwide.

316L Stainless Steel Certifications

Stainless Steel Coil Base Material Certification
Stainless Steel Rod Base Material Certification
Stainless Steel Banana Base Material Certification
Stainless Steel Sheet Base Material Certification


Gold Plated Steel Certifications

Rose Gold & Gold Plated Material Certification 1
Rose Gold & Gold Plated Material Certification 2


Colorline PVD Certifications

Colorline PVD Steel Base Material Certification


Acrylic & Formica Certifications

Acrylic Base Material Certification
Acrylic Neon Base Material Certification
Formica Base Material Certification