Surgilube Sterile Surgical Lubricant Jelly
Surgilube Sterile Surgical Lubricant Jelly
$1.95  per Piece
(Special 5 or more for $0.75)

Product Information

Item #  Y-SLUBE3

Great for yet another ear stretching session!

Surgilube Sterile Surgical Lubricant may be used where a sterile, water soluble, non-staining lubricating jelly is indicated.  Non-iritating to the skin, tissues, and mucus membranes.  And, it will not affect steel, silicone, nor acrylics!

Each pack is recommended to use for a single session only.

*Please note that on the packaging it says 'DO NOT USE IN EYES AND EARS'.  It means exactly that.  Do not put these IN EYES (as in your pupils) or IN EARS (as in your ear canals).  It is completely safe for any external uses.  :)

  • Style: Lubricating Jelly for Ear Stretching
  • Material: Safe water based lubricant
  • Specifications: Each Pack is approximately 3 Grams.